Suska-III-C is a circuit board intended to be a platform for Atari ST/STE/Mega-ST/Mega-STE/Falcon computer emulation. Central element of the circuit is a Cyclone II FPGA von Altera. This Field Programmable Gate Array acts as a complex programmable digital circuit and determines the functionality of the computer. The board includes all relevant plug connectors for the older Atari periphery (ACSI, key board, monitors). Furthermore the hardware supports the programming a new operating systems by a Bootstrap Loader as well as replacing the FPGA configuration through the USB interface. Most characteristics of the old Atari machines are already implemented.

The following list gives an overview of functionality:

  • 68000 compatible CPU.
  • Floppy Disk Controller WD1772 compatible, HD-enabled.
  • ACSI Interface.
  • SCSI via ACSI interface (with Parity and Initiator Identification).
  • DMA Module.
  • 68901 compatible MFP Circuit.
  • 6850 compatible ACIAs.
  • Atari keyboard interface.
  • ST compatible grafic.
  • Blitter (Bit Block Transfer Prozessor).
  • Monochrome LCD interface (Stacy, STBook).
  • GLUE Logic.
  • ST / STE compatible MMU.
  • AD-converter interface (Sound-Option).
  • IDE interface.
  • SD-Card interface.
  • CF-Card interface (via IDE).
  • Bootstrap-Loader for OS updates.
  • Real-time-clock (RP5C15).
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
  • Ethernet option.
  • USB interface option.

The last two options (Ethernet and USB) need additional support through the operating system as well as VHDL coding. All VHDL code is licensed by LGPL or GPL.

Wolfgang Förster